If you are looking for the real trail, not the pretend one, travel along with us.

Much of the “craft” whiskey we sip is made at a giant whiskey factory in Indiana. Wildcat Willys's Distillery and the Moonshine Trail are different. We're for real.


Ben Pasley in the corn


We are starting with the corn and rye, making it right here, on the Moonshine Trail. We welcome you to Mt. Folly Farm, where we are growing our grains, and to Wildcat Willy’s in downtown Winchester, Kentucky, where we are putting in a distillery. Wildcat Willy’s won’t be operational until spring of next year, though we plan some pop up markets for the holiday season, which we’ll announce on facebook . But if the doors are open at 31 East Broadway, come visit. We’ll be working away.  


Ben and Willy get the keys!

Whistle Stop No. 1:
Wildcat Willy's Distillery™

The building may have been “derelict,” but we aren’t. (At least we don’t think we are.)


After obtaining a craft distillery permit in January and closing on the building in February, we’ve been plugging away: demolition, masonry, historic windows, and a new roof. In addition, we’ve researched the history of the building, and continue to do so. It is quite a story, which we will tell in detail, so if you have any information, please email Laura@laurasmercantile.com

Wildcat Willy's Distillery

Laura signing the papers

Wildcat Willy Distillery is currently progressing and is on its way to completion.
Pictures below show the work being done to the distillery.

Windows under construction by
historic preservation craftsman

Location for the Historic Windows

Location for the Historic Windows

Whistle Stop No. 2:
Mt. Folly Farm

We are growing the grain for our distillery at Mt. Folly Farm. For the 2017 crop year, we’ve got Bloody Butcher Corn, Hickory King Corn, Aztec Blue Corn, plus bushels and bushels of organic and non-gmo grain. We are planting whiskey rye this fall, and we’d welcome you to the farm for a self-guided tour. It’s a working farm, not a hobby, so we can’t say we’ll be there to show you around, but someone will point you in the right direction.

The Crew
Mt. Folly Farm

Ben Pasley
Mt. Folly Farm

There is a small admission to the farm (we have to pay for a bunch of extra insurance to do this) and there is a golf cart and 2 good mountain bikes available for rent.
Check with us via facebook or an email to Laura@mtfollyfarm.com and we’ll tell you if we are open. We are NOT open on Sunday.

If we are here, come to Laura’s Mercantile at the Crooked House, and someone will set you on your way. (We will log you “in,” and you have to be “out” by 5 p.m. or we’ll come looking, at an extra charge. )

Laura's Mercantile

Bill "Wildcat Willy" Kingsbury,

This is a unique experience, part of our determination to tell it like it is, and show it like it is. We might be flame weeding; we might be composting tons of cow manure; we might be combining; we might be moving cattle. We do ask that you sign a waiver and stay out of the way of equipment or cattle.


About the Moonshine Trail

Moonshine Trail Road sign


The Moonshine Trail is meant to be a membership organization, and we are just starting to get around the state, contacting grain farms which sell specialty corn to distilleries and craft distilleries. If you would like to know more, contact Ben

Contact Us

Would you like to find out more, tour the farm, or give us some advice as we put up our distillery? Call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wildcat Willy and Ben Pasely

Bill "Wildcat Willy" Kingsbury


Ben Pasley


Laura Freeman


Mt. Folly Farm
3043 Schollsville Road
Winchester, KY 40391

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