Governor Andy Beshear Awards $60,000 to Boost Pikeville Tourism with the Moonshine Trail Project with an Additional $250,000 to Follow in 2024


Governor Andy Beshear announced today a significant investment of $60,000 in support of the City of Pikeville’s tourism initiative, the Moonshine Trail. This regional project is set to celebrate Kentucky’s booming spirits industry, showcasing the rich history and heritage of the Commonwealth’s craft distilleries. The funding, which comes from the American Rescue Plan Act, underscores the state’s commitment to promoting local culture and driving economic development in Pikeville and surrounding communities. In addition to this first round of ARPA funding, the Moonshine Trail has been awarded an additional $250,000 for 2024 to promote the trail nationally.


The Moonshine Trail project aims to create a unique and immersive experience for visitors, drawing attention to the deep-rooted traditions and craftsmanship of Kentucky’s moonshine industry.  Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Kentucky opens the doors to its legendary Moonshine Trail. This exciting journey celebrates the state’s untamed spirit and the age-old craft of moonshining. As you embark on this thrilling trail from Lexington to Pikeville, you’ll encounter small distillers who possess unmatched expertise, offering tantalizing unaged spirits that carry the very essence of Kentucky’s rugged history.


This is not your ordinary tourist experience; it’s a quest for hidden treasures and unbridled passion. While traversing picturesque landscapes, you’ll discover quaint towns, rolling hills, and meandering rivers, all of which immerse you in the soul-stirring allure of Kentucky’s vibrant spirit.


The Moonshine Trail is not merely about spirits; it’s about the people who pour their hearts into this craft. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to meet master distillers and hear their captivating stories of tradition, rebellion, and innovation, adding a deeply personal touch to your journey.


Participating distilleries include Barrel House Distilling Co. (Lexington, KY), Regeneration Distilling Co. (Winchester, KY), Kentucky Mountain Moonshine (Ravenna, KY), Backwoods Moonshine Museum (Beattyville, KY), Kentucky Mist (Whitesburg, KY), Pauley Hollow (Forest Hills, KY) and Red River Distillery opening in the Gorge in the Spring of 2024.


Whether you’re a seasoned moonshine connoisseur or a curious traveler, the Moonshine Trail invites you to savor Kentucky’s authentic spirit. Raise your glass and toast to the adventure of a lifetime on the Moonshine Trail!


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